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The beginning of therapy makes you feeling nervous and embarrassed, you are not sure what you would talk about it, or could you cope with the whole session! Revisiting those personal memories embedded in the subconscious that permeate the habit on focusing on your character flaws when things go wrong, this can prevent you from moving forward. 


The experience of a relationship with a Narcissist has left you feeling doubting your own sanity,

a Narcissist is charismatic, charming, seductive, and only when the love bombing phase is over a new chapter will be unfolding: the drama, the lies, the gaslighting, the abusive, behaviour is in full swing! Toxic relationships have left you with a tendency to self criticism filled with deep anger. Trauma and Abuse plunges the individual into a spiral of guilt, shame, low self esteem and depression to name a few aspects. 




Counselling promote a connection with your self, its a private outlet in which to talk of difficulties emerging from family dynamics, interpersonal trauma, loss. I as your therapist am not here to tell you what you should be doing or what to think, as your therapist I provide you with a safe space to explore changes and make progressive steps to achieve your aims. Counselling helps you to build your self care plan to gain awareness to live more fulfilled a life.

The focus of my work is about the dynamics playing in your rapport, communication is a predominant to maintain quality in the relationship with your partner free from gender based - role display. Couples that undertake therapy should be proud for the effort they make to help them how to accept differences, to share their emotional needs, to build strength and a better insight into their lives as a couple. Pre marital counselling enables you to navigate your expectations, to negotiate a satisfactory plan for your future, to feel confident in taking your relationship one step further.


Relationship Conflicts

Narcissistic Abuse

Pre Marital Counselling




Self - Harm

Anger and Rage


Parenting and Step Parenting

Addiction Behaviours




Anger is the result of hidden feeling of shame or fear, unexpressed anger plays a part in what you are experiencing. Many emotions can be felt, if not explored these can prevent you to re connect with yourself, and those close to you.


Feeling irritable, exhausted, hopeless, experiencing irregular sleep patterns, an erratic eating routine can be daunting. Memories of past trauma triggers somatic responses, those physical symptoms can affect your daily life leaving you to feel distressed and edgy. 


Counselling support you to reclaim dignity, to bring back your own autonomy, helps you to assert yourself to say NO! to build Boundaries to ask yourself What Do I Need Now?  To re build your self image.


About Myself

My name is Monika Bassani I am an experienced  Counsellor / Psychotherapist, I am passionate and dedicated about my profession. My practice is based in West Norwood SE27, South East London.


My career started in 2012 initially working with Young People, I then specialised counselling individuals, couples and families. My approach to Psychotherapy is an Integrative includes Psychodynamic, Person Centred and Emotional Focus Therapy. I am an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society and ICO Registered, I hold a Liability Insurance and I comply to Data Protection Regulations. Further info's can be found below in the Private Policy section.

You as my client will profit from a congruent and confidential counselling service where your needs are acknowledge, accept, listen to with respect and value. My service can be access in person and on video calling. I welcome all individuals irrespective of genders, body size, creed, religion, hair colour, shoe size, abilities, sexuality and political values. 

You can contact me through the site and follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.





Your first session will give you the opportunity to share what worries you, to ask questions, to identify your needs and to discover how I work, I also provide personal therapy to Trainee Counselors.


Appointments are available day time and evenings. Payment is required for your session be made in advance to confirm and secure your booking. Please be advised that 48 hours' notice is required for cancellations. Sessions are held via Zoom platform for the foreseeable future.


Free Parking bay available, please there are stairs at this location it might not be suitable if you have mobility issues.


By using the form below, by email, or by phone you can make an appointment at your convenience. 





Location: West Norwood, SE27 London UK

Counselling in South East London

Tel:  07506 790 316


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