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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Human relationship is based on utility, satisfactions, equalization between partners; some people enter a relationship for an expected reward. To satisfy a harmonious relationship both individuals must be committed in reaching the same result by efforts and rewards being agreed on a fair system.

Some partners giving up personal potential may be a necessary and acceptable compromise to negotiate a permanent satisfactory relationship; part of this process is toward attaining a level of emotional sharing.

When beginning couple counselling there must a be a common goal all parties must feel committed to the therapy, should there be resistance it will create a degree of difficulties.

Feelings of failure may arise, the client self – esteem may be invested in work connections, relationships with children are emotionally pressurizing as the bearing and the raising of them is usually a task associated with high demands and a resourceful ability to work together. Unless the couple are prepared to cooperate the result will be with a degree of tension bound to exist within all the individuals involved.

Other's components involved are the cost of any of the continuing of the relationship without any changes, the social status, financial gain, and security for the individual.

Arguments between partners and other process of changes such as promotion, leaving home, retirement are setting the boundaries for a new arena of conflicts and or difficulties that can provoke extra stress. Such couples may respond well to communication training which is also a behavioral approach, to improve their quality of communication and enhance their marriage satisfaction.

To place boundaries between the couple is fundamental for enhancing the positive for everyone, by working together avoiding negatives feelings or emotions by reminding each person of their partner likes, traits, strengths.

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