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Boys don't cry

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The patriarchal gender nurtured (if not imposed) conduct from childhood has contributed to a culture of "machismo". So terribly wrong, harmful, and damaging to those male family members, they have grown up repressing their emotions, feelings, thoughts, anger, and TEARS. How to expel that anger? How to express those emotions? Inevitably it all manifest in violence, aggression, rowdy behavior widely accepted if not regarded as role masculinity that men are expected to fulfill. But how about those very men who are suffering in silence with depression, self-harming, alcohol addiction, drug abuse, feeling lonely, or suicide that according to statistics it ranks high among the male population, only to be marginalized by their community and society we live in.

An honest and open conversation about the emotional needs of men is now due! We need to embrace the concept that men hold a sensitive side, men need to be listened to, to be supported in their emotional journey and most of all they need to be dismantle of that Boys Don't Cry stigma!

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