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The Narcissist

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

We all have interpersonal relationships, it brings people together and offer the possibility of sharing experiences, develop personal interactions. When we do encounter a Narcissistic at first, we are made feel like THE most important person on hearth! The Narcissistic ability to seduce us, to shower us with compliments, and to charm us it is at the very core of this planned abusive, and extremely controlling behavior. Before we realize how dangerous this connection is, the emotional roller costar has just begun, we are unwillingly caught in a whirlpool of magnetism that make us feel hypnotized. Manipulation, passive aggressiveness, lies, silent treatment, dramatic exits, blame, and coercion, all serve the aim of the Narcissist.

By seeking therapy, we provide ourselves with tools to understand and overcome the vicious cycle of denigration and destruction, to validate ourselves to a better existence!

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