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Xmas blues

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The festive season is approaching fast, the shopping list keeps growing and our moods seems to lower at similar pace. This time of the year is notorious for being joyful and exciting, however, some of us feels the pressure mounting, those obligations to be fulfilled, office parties to attend and the invariable Xmas dinner with the whole family sitting around the turkey, while Auntie Ann is snoring fast after a few sherries! What not to like!

For those who feels the incumbent pressure to perform around this time of the year, it really does not have to be! This can turn into ME TIME! Here is a list of activities to regain those energy:

practice mindfulness, have a movie marathon, enjoying cook yourself a feast, read that book that it has been sitting on your bedside table for the last three months, take a walk in your local park and enjoy the stillness of nature, practice yoga in the comfort of your home, draw a list of future travel plans, practice self-value by listing all those things that you like about yourself, pick up those paint brushes and let your inner artist run free, be guilt free lazy and spend the day in bed reading your newspaper and day dreaming, DO as you please! Take CARE of YOURSELF!

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