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From Collision to Collaboration

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

How frustrating it is when your partner is failing to acknowledge your feelings! Here you are trying to sieve through the maze of their brain to find a crumb of compassion! what it makes the relationship going downhill, with their lack of understanding, their constant rebuking about how they (!) feel, how they want things to move on (or not), those interruption while we are talking and let's not forget the classic walk out the room when things do not get their way, and the silence treatment.

These are the typical interactions of two individuals, who are trying make their voice heard and their needs to be met. But how to best develop and maintain a positive and compassionate flow of communication, to establish trust and warmth in our relationship, to reach out for intimacy and connection?

It takes commitment, both partners to be involved in a share goal and yet couple therapy can help to aid those internal thoughts and behavior to surface, to be shared and talked through, to find a ground where to collaborate not to collide.

Counselling for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse,

Bereavement and more

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