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Boundaries and its Meaning

Updated: Jan 18

Boundaries! It sounds something like those neighboring altercations!

It is infact a system of self preservation, how to keep ourselves safe from impunity, abuse and fundamental interfering of our own privacy, self worth and overall individuality, ah and lets not to forget our inner needs!! Most importantly of all, our personal needs when not met or are interjected with, it feels very much like a violation of our whole being! Building those boundaries is an important step to take within our circle of freedom.

When we are manipulated, taken for granted, unwanted or patronized - to list a few - we develop feelings of shame, embarrassment, we feel depressed, we are hesitant in expressing our opinion, at times sad, guilty or disgruntled. These emotions are impeding us to be ourselves, to assert our opinions and to be leading our life as we are entitled to.

The next shift is in recognizing our thoughts while developing the belief we can and will be successful in getting our needs to be met. Lets start building!

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