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The Tools To Recovery

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The impact of Abuse leaves a stream of post traumatic effects, our brain is flooded by stress hormones, this cause the person to be always on the alert mode.

Feeling ashamed

Following the shame that abuse brings with it, the survivor lack of self-care skills, of healthy practices, experience unhealthy work and irregular sleep patterns, this can cause an array of issues in their lives. Often, I am asked How do I Find a Way Out of My Own Feelings?

What Do I Do About This Shame I Feel"? Abuse is an emotional charged everyday reality; this also hinder the capacity in the survivor to maintaining relationships in life. Together we explore what Shame feels, its meaning and its repercussions on the survivor life. What is Anger? Why do I feel these strong emotions towards myself?

Learning Self Care

We all deserve love and support in our lives, during therapy I direct my clients to learn how to respond to their own needs, this is often regarded as if I was talking about life on Mars. To learn how to tune in and to respond to oneself own worthiness is an arduous path to take, but not an impossible one to achieve, it takes courage, inner power, and commitment.


The learn of a new skill is beneficial to the process of recovery, when my clients create their own toolbox adding each time a new device is another step forward towards their recovery, to be able to assert themselves to say NO! to ask oneself What Do I Need Now? Therapy can help to build those boundaries to discover and assert your needs, emotions, and to make demands.

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