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What is Stress?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Stress is the response to environmental triggers. Have you ever found yourself feeling under siege in your workplace or going through a highly demanding personal commitment such as life changing, a divorce, the birth of a new baby, a sudden death. When the pressure reaches its peak is when the body feels the brunt of the oncoming stress.


The consequence of stress is Anxiety, that overwhelming feeling of trepidation. At first it feels like butterflies in the stomach, those butterflies we feel when we are struck by a strong connection with another person, we feel in love, however, these kinds of wings are quite different!

Next is the chest that feels heavy, and the breathing accelerate, sometimes we feel weak behind the knees, and our hands feel clammy. All of those symptoms contribute to an onslaught of feelings in the body as well as negative thoughts surfacing, which it can also lead to a panic attack!

Self-care, self-awareness - what do I need now? Where is this thought stemming from? Are my thoughts making me feel this way? - There are several steps to take to contain Stress and Anxiety, to improve your mental health talk to your GP, or a counsellor, make the adequate changes, understand your wellbeing.

Counselling for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse,

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