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The meaning of Trust

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

What is trust? How can we trust someone? Can we allow someone new in our life? Those questions spinning around in our mind, touching base with our feelings while questioning our needs as individuals.


To give permission to someone else to step into our existence, to share our thoughts, emotions, to communicate our opinions and feelings while expecting them to reciprocate with the same if not similar empathy and agreement, compassion and understanding.


Another stage of trust whereby our inner emotions and passions are laid out bare, awaiting to be envelope in warmth and mutual exchange. Early childhood experiences plough our path towards adult relationships, the learning of our environment and those dynamics are entrenched in our inner being.

Couple often re-enact those memories within their relationship, everyday habits, and ways of communication, without realizing it they enter the sphere of their original experience how they related to their parents and the responses they obtained.

The Dance

A tango performance where one of the dancers lead forward, wishing to be at the helm of the dance directing their partner toward their chosen direction, only for the other to pull backwards.

Trust is the keyword.

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