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What is Counselling?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The definition of counselling is offered in terms of " the opportunity to talk to a trained Counsellor about your stress, anxiety or depression".

In my experience as a trained Counsellor with my clients is the fundamental trust the client needs to establish with their therapist. The relationship is my client and their issues, whichever this is an individual counselling or couple therapy.

I work with the client presenting issue, I establish a rapport and contract my client with clear and specific guidelines ranging from time keeping, legal polices, boundaries, but most importantly what are their exceptions of counselling? Are they prepared to work on their own personal growth, within their marriage? Are they committed to meet their needs, and to enter their therapeutic journey? Counselling is tailored to the individual needs and requirements, to explore issues in more depth and to make changes.

In the safety of a confidential space the client talks about their inner insecurity, their childhood trauma, parental changes, marriage difficulties, breakdown in communication, loss of intimacy, low self-esteem the need to be self-assertive, how to emerge upon their depression, to change the roots of their thinking, to empower oneself to make choices, while offering different prospective the client works toward the change for more satisfactory and fulfilling lives.

Counselling for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse,

Bereavement and more

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