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The Loss of Intimacy in the Relationship

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

What love means? The idealized romantic scenario of the perfect marriage is fundamentally what we all are aiming for, that kind of relationship where both partners communicate well, never argue, and rarely fight it doesn't equate to how difficult can become when those struggles crop up, and how to cope with those.

A difference in cultural backgrounds may also cause difficulties when you trying to run your rapport on a different direction from your partner view. You want a relationship where you want to go for a weekend hiking with your partner, and they really enjoy spending their time going fishing. Neither of you is wrong to wanted to pursue the things you love, the secret is to realize there is no blame, that you are only different.

Communication is the key, to dedicate time to your partner to create an emphatic and cooperative method of working with each other, in your rapport. We live in a very demanding society constantly juggling between work, family, friends, and not having any spare time to ourselves, let alone our intimate relationship!

The best recipe for good sex is when a couple can connect through conversation and tender touch, however, when a sexual rapport is becoming a "demanding pleasuring" it is essential to review it. Intimacy is not only sexual closeness, intimacy can also be found in many aspects of our relationships, if we really pay attention to our partner needs, we can find out about what it really makes them responsive to our attention and reciprocate them.

Let us discover the power of touch as an expression of love, to convey emotions and thoughts to our partner. Touch can be a back massage, holding hands, a stroke of the hair. Asking your partner what do they request more often, what do they complaint about, how your partner express their love to you? Find out about each other Love Languages: Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time.

What is your Love Language?

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