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When Emotions Are Rationalized

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Our intellect is the greatest source of logical thinking among other functions, when we feel emotions they resemble a flooding a powerful tidal surge, but what happens when we intellectualize them, when we give them a reason for, we talk about them as a matter-of-fact way. To isolate those emotions, we are preventing ourselves from experience the feeling, by rationalizing what we feel is to resist those understanding in a spiritual and inner individual manner, a powerful defensive mechanism we bring upon us if not intentionally definitely unconsciously.

Often present feelings can have links to the past, also entwined in the present and what connection can be between past and present has similar or different reactions to different people. Many emotions corresponding to the way we relate to our past experiences embedded in our childhood, what we have learnt from our environment, and the understanding we made of it.

Counselling enables you to make connections between past and present, explain the intensity of anger, or guilt, or sorrow and many other emotions you may have been experiencing but not being able to really get in touch with, only being able to conveyed them in a rational way that you are so used to embrace that rigidity, a tight self -control it demonstrate inhibition, lack of spontaneity.

I am asking you what it will happen if you lose control, and let those emotions, to flow out of your system like a rushing torrent?

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