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Feeling Grateful

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I started to notice how minor changes in our daily commutes can bring a completely different outlook at our existence. An act of kindness from a fellow passenger, a lovely sunny day that gives you a sense of indulging happiness, not any reasons just that kind of feeling that puts a spring in your steps, it brings a smile on your face, and everything is a lot lighter, as you start noticing that even the air is permeated by the smells of sweet flowery scent.

Small things in our lives whatever is in the weather or the sight of a cute dog walking past it makes us feel grateful for what we have.

Gratefulness its underrated nowadays! We are ever so entangled in this web of work engagements, professional networking, business meetings, and for those who have a family is often a maniac juggling of school runs and sports activities afterwards... not to mention the weekends when the day starts a 6am on the dot!

WHEN do you allow yourself to connect with your own inner thoughts, to look around and notice your very next immediate environment, to feel that lightness of being?

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