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What about Self Worth?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Every so often we talk about ourselves, our achievements and progresses with a tone of neglect, not really addressing that goal or self-development with a glowing self-recognition. But so we should!

Let's look at where we are now: work, family, relationship, home, friends, connections, all of those elements in your life have been achieved by the sheer effort and commitment yourself have invested in.

Us human beings are genetically programmed to perform a variety of tasks as well as to feel and experience emotions, and so to strengthen your self-confidence you inner beliefs you could take risks, trying new things, and just allow yourself to experience the Here and Now. A confident person is assertive, extrovert, a bit bossy this let you believe that they are higher achievers and everything they do is flowing effortless...but may be not so! Fundamentally it doesn't really matter what kind of personality one displays; you can still achieve your aims by demonstrating to yourself your own confidence and commitment to it because it matters to YOU!

Try packing up a massive load upon yourself it only feels an overwhelming task, try instead to prioritize, pay attention to minute details and praise your success, pace yourself at the speed you need to, adding pressure it equates to keeping a lid on simmering boiling pot it will only steam off wildly once the lid is lifted. You don't really wish to scold yourself in the process!

Common believe says criticisms can provoke further motivation in doing better to achieve higher, on the contrary such a repetition of behavior it only establish an inner self critical voice, whereby once you are getting accustomed to it invariably you starting to believe you are setting up for a failure, cannot do or perform any better, and this is the perfect mind frame where Depression sets in...easily done!

Now to change all those mindsets let learn how to use Self Compassion, be kind to yourself, recognize your limits, praise yourself for your achievements, be compassionate to yourself, try new challenges with education, practice, and persistence and remind to your inner self: "I DID THIS"!

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