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Do those bells jingle for everyone?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The festive season is approaching and fast too! With office parties, carol concerts and social gatherings on the horizon it can be daunting for some of us.

Loneliness at Christmas it can be overwhelming a feeling, while everyone else is out celebrating with families and friends gathering for many it is a time of isolation and sadness, however it doesn't have to be! How about focusing on yourself and find what makes you happy?

Finding meaningful ways to make yourself satisfied about it, to dedicate time and energy to the very Number One it helps to reconnect with your inner self and to with you are passionate about, to feel better about yourself. By doing something for others has a positive effect on how we feel about ourselves, to spend time with those who struggling by offering a volunteering time of yours or offer to help to a family in need.

These are the times when the pressure is on and if you feel low do reach for help, talk to someone, text or email them and reach out to your immediate community do ask for help, do not be alone. Try looking after yourself by minimizing the level of stress those festive days bring on by sleeping and nourishing yourself better, take a walk in the nearby park or exercise down the gym, physical activities are greatly beneficial for the mind and body, equally.

Remember whatever you decide to do is to prioritise your needs, take gentle care of yourself, always.

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