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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How often do we found ourselves in a stuck mode, postponing the doable tasks for a "I will do it later on" mantra, reminder or let's face it's a blatant excuse! But what is it really that make us behave in such a no proactive manner...? Is it the lack of confidence in our own capabilities, a sense of fear of taking the step into the unknown "what if...?" then again what evidential reason do we have to support that thought? We are incurring a sense of trepidation mixed with the feeling of knowing what we are going to leave behind and yet the next man manoeuvre could also conceal an exciting fulfilling outcome, a fundamental turning of the corner towards new prospective.

Procrastination is also fed by our internal critical voice which it steps up and curb us from moving forward, this is easily done by listing all sorts of difficulties we may incur, lack of potential resources, self-belief. By acknowledging the detrimental self-sabotaging way, you have managed to enroll yourself into is the first positive step to take, the self-push needed it to embark onto a journey of achievement must take roots into your inner being, by achieving one goal each day is to offer yourself the recognition that you deserve, to change the pattern of thinking from

"it's going to be a failure" to "I can learn from every result of those actions by adjusting, assessing the next move towards my final journey" while complimenting yourself of the results achieved and those efforts invested, most importantly to be proud of yourself because YOU DID THIS! No one else.

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