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St. Valentine

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Love is in the air! Flowers sales are surging, those boxes of chocolate are flying off the shelves it makes you think if the nation is suddenly in a state to of sugar crave! There is only one explanation... is St. Valentine Day! For those in a relationship this is the day when lovers cherish each other by exchanging gifts, sitting candle lights dinners, and any kind of romantic extravaganza... or not. For those who are not in a relationship at present this day may feel a bit daunting, pressurizing, regretful for not having acted or behaved any different in their past with their ex-partner, or just feeling a bit lonely.

How is St. Valentine for you?

To be feeling emotionally connected to other people is a basic human need just like food and water, we pursuit social and intimate relations with our fellow humans to meet those requirements, however, have you ever found yourself thinking "what it might have been if ?" a thought that surface in our minds in relation to our past interpersonal relationships, leaving us with a feeling of pending, uncompleted state of being.

Research shown that regret can have a significant impact on our lives, BUT here is the good news! that feeling of regret for unpleasant as it may feel it help us to improve, to make progress in our future rapports with our partner of choice.

This St. Valentine do something in LOVE WITH YOURSELF!

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