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A Therapist Confession

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It's not often that I as a therapist do disclose my inner self to my clients, although I believe in a beneficial aspect of self-disclosure in the therapy room, I do hold tight on those ethical and professional boundaries of mine, however, there have been times when I just let it go...!

I have found myself in session charged highly by an emotional whirlpool, I have been able to contain, to protect and to hold the client while in their aspect of their journey, but at times I found myself deeply touched by their narrative and shed tears...! Yes tears, those watery rivulets cascading from one eye, I as a counsellor did show my emotional side to the core.

Contrary to all those beliefs, us therapists are human too!

I believe that sharing with our clients how we have been moved and effected by those profound emotions, at times, empower the direction of the client narrative, to ascertain the mutual feeling is felt by the therapist themselves it represents a strong dynamic in terms of trust and vulnerability, also affirms the interactive process between the client and their counsellor.

Powerful human connections enable self-growth and compassion.

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