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A Toxic Attraction

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

When an Empath meets a Narcissist the two poles attract each other to a degree of a fatal ending, a swirled passionate starting of the relationship. Many theories all converging onto one focal point: the Narcissist has themselves experienced deep traumatic events in their life, it does not justify their behaviour, but explain in part the reasons behind those negative consequences trailing behind in every romantic, familial and work relate rapports / relationships.

The Empath is who often take everything as their own and struggle deeply with experiences and emotions that are not theirs, to begin with, the relationship between these two individuals is comparable to a Giving and Taking, but the power of control exercised by the Narcissist place the relationship in a struggle, a staggering imbalance in such a relationship.

The unconditional love and appreciation the Empath is placing on a silver platter - with mostly nothing in return - leads to a change that begins when the wounded Empath begins to seek validation and love similar to the one of a Narcissist - a subconscious mechanism to protect their energy. The Narcissist in turn would do anything to keep them on this level of suffering, never appealing to the Empath’s inner desire to feel worthy, appreciated, respected, heard, and their needs met equally. In spite of all this, the Empath would much more likely try to find the ‘fault’ in his/herself, a blaming game.

These see saw dynamics keeps on going for as long as the Empath realises the need to break free, alternatively the Narcissist themselves have moved on to greener pastures, to a new prey, a new fresh blood to dig their vampire fangs into.

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