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Attachment Focused Therapy With Couples

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

My last blog was about attachment styles and how they reflect in the couple of dynamics, I will continue with this subject by expanding a bit more on the reference that attachment is subjective, how it influences our behaviour and mental progressing / regressing of the individual.

The studies on early attachment throughout adolescence and adulthood are providing a wide view on the long rage impact, those individuals effected by early disorganised attachment are at higher risk of becoming a victim of domestic violence, or a perpetrator themselves. Furthermore, those couples with history of early trauma / childhood adversities have the most troubled relationships and greater difficulty in regulating emotions, controlling behaviour, and creating safety for their partners and their children, if any.

Attachment based couple therapy is a fairly recent approach in counselling and psychotherapy, and yet is to be found the most effective treatment practice for couple, all approaches to couple therapy revealed a clinical significant reduction in general relationships distress, although the continuity of effectiveness may dissolve once the couple ends their therapy.

Researches shows that meaningful improvements are also achieved by either both partners or only one individual in the relationship, this to show that theoretical and clinical researches are continuing to improve treatment outcomes for couples, one of the most effective is emotionally focused couple therapy or EFCT an attachment based approach and integrative behavioural couple therapy.

The efficacy of attachment-based treatments is consistent with the assumption that the care giving system provided - or not - in childhood early infancy and early childhood is primarily to the formation of basic personality structure, and critical in the formation of internal working model IWM of the self and the relationship.

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