• Monika Bassani

Changing The Color of Fear

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We all have reached a turning point in our lives where the decision-making time has now arrived, that gives us a sense of trepidation, nervousness sometimes makes us feel fearful. Fear is what stopping us form moving forward from making that leap from taking that turn that can change how we behave, how we think and the choices we make.

Fear of the unknown, that feeling of stepping onto a path of uncertainty and yet new chances, excitement and yes, a new prospective and new beginning, a new chance! Our decision is often played by our unconscious, influenced by our early childhood experiences, teenage and adult life, thus raising questions and doubtful statement to ourselves, such as "Am I good enough?" "Can I take that turn?" "Will there be a risk that I cannot overcome?"

Those are presenting thoughts that enable us to protect ourselves, to prevent us to fall into harmful situations, however, to be able to confront and explore our fears and how they affect our actions is to reach that crossroad whereby we understand our concerns and understand our inner feeling for survival, by recognising those negative patterns of thinking we can visualize our aims, building strength to empower ourselves to defeat that very fear that impeded us to move forward.

Fear is no longer feeling like a black sticky cobweb we were entangled in, its no longer looking black and darkly menacing. We have added a splash of colors, it is now the opportunity for a new beginning, a new us, new challenges, new potentials.

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