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To Be My Wedded Husband / Wife

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The wedding vows on that special day, the flowers, the guests, the champagne flowing, the kids running, the cake cutting, and those photos taken to immortalise a special moment THE day when your life will change for better and for worse...but are you ready for it?!

You have now spent several years together you shared the holidays, she met your family, he met your friends, you have finally moved together! Started to arrange your toothbrushes in the same holder on the sink ledge, woke up to the smell of coffee your partner has lovingly prepared and surprised you with the morning cuppa in bed, cooking for each other no longer take away night for one.

Now this sounds the blossoming of a loving, nurturing and fun future relationship only when you starting to notice something is changing, your partner behaviour is taking a new turn their working hours are becoming longer, silly argumentation are taking hold, everything to do with your household or the choice of a TV programme, the next holidays plan, a tone of voice, the use of words, those facial expressions....something is not as you envisaged at what is it happening here?

Is the romance fading away? How are you and your partner exchange talks with each other? Is your conversation peppered by those Four Horses of The Apocalypse? Stone Walling, Blaming, Criticism and Contempt, they all add up to a quick breakdown in communication. Couples find themselves in difficulty in communicating their individual emotions effectively, to each other.

A strong friendship and the foundation of trust enables the couple relationship to remain solid with one another and to make progress, however, when trouble connecting arise is crucial to question the relevance of your relationship, to postpone your wedding planner and to contact a couple therapist who can guide you and support you both in your journey.

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