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Emotions and Emotional Dependency in the Relationship

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The way you feel about your relationship is they key to self esteem, it also estimate just how what is going on. When you are undergoing difficulties, you will find that you feel different, one may feel pessimist, or negative, resentful or threatened. Most couples are drawn to each other because, at first, they meet each other' s needs, a few years down the line most couples hit problems once they have been together for a substantial period of time, usually years and kids included, they find they discover an irritating failure to meet each other's expectations.

You may feel bad about the sour turn your relationship has taken, or disillusioned but still involved with your partner, you both may have given up hope for any real changes - but for a number of reasons - you may still wish to stay together. To continue being in a rapport where there are problems to which you both have not found yet a solution, it is a useful exercise to stop for a moment a think what your life would be like if you were going to split up from your partner? where would you be in two years time? What would you be doing? Many couples whose rapports are troubled identify their issues or an event that finally tipped them over into admitting their problems. Take stock, remember what finally convinced you there was a difficulty, if you are determined to to take actions and solve those problems, to work through those emotions, reactions, expectations and needs, you may well have a good chance to a happy future, a balanced future.

There is also another side of the coin: when we tend to misinterpret our feelings. When we we are in a relationship where we trying too hard to appear similar to our partner so that they would be even more attached to we might actually be emotionally dependent on them. When

seeking your partner’s approval, you even feel worthless if they disagree with you in some manner its another sign of emotional dependency. Your partner is not the only valuable person in the world, they are not owning your life. when you feel they can not longer trust anyone around them anymore you are experiencing an emotional dependency. The minute you feel like you are losing them, you start being extremely possessive. It is fundamental to realise that even without them, you are a complete and worthy person on your own, your spouse, partner, boyfriend they do not define you. You are complete just by being yourself, that way you can grow your relationship cohesive, holistic and balanced.

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