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First Time in Therapy

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Feeling stressed, low moods keep making you feel demotivated lying on the couch watching daytime TV seems to be an appealing option, while reaching out for high calorific snacks and nighttime pizza. Friends are beginning to take notice and suggesting you talk to a professional a look at them in disbelief and think "Am I going to talk about myself to a stranger? " How can I possibly be able to open up about my issues and how I feel to someone I never met before, and most of all they don't know who I am?"

Often those reason for not being able to step into therapy are curbed by thoughts such as "I wouldn't know what to talk about it" or "I saw it a stigma". To take steps into therapy is the most difficult decision one has to make, the feeling of nervousness, the idea of talking about personal issue to a stranger is to say the least embarrassing and that doesn't even cut it!

The journey into therapy is the utmost self-care act one can ever take to themselves. Counselling takes place within a supportive environment where you can explore your Here and Now confidentially and safely, your concerns are valued are met with empathy and openness, to encourage you to identify your experiences and to accomplish your goals, changing those patterns of behaviour, eating, sleeping, the lack of motivation, lack of libido.

Search for a counsellor find the one who meet your needs, their method of work that resonates with you do not struggle on your own reach out for help and support, take gentle care of yourself.

Counselling for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse,

Bereavement and more

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