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Healing from Narcissistic Fathers

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

As young children we look up at our parents like the pillar of our community the wisdom and to gain knowledge from, we run to them for protection and nurturing, Fathers are by everywhere recognized in society as protectors, providers, mature, wise, stable, fun, affectionate, supporting cognitively, emotionally, and this is the tool kit a narcissistic father will adopt only to gain his own daily supply.

As children are seen as his property an extension to his projections of unrealistic qualities, false sense of power, grandiosity, shame and rejections of his own children, and inadequacies their most inner fears! The feeling of rejections, being judged by other is leaving a deep print in our inner beings and proves to be another low self-esteem notch to the already ever-growing list of low worthiness, guilt, shame, not deserving to be loved, self-isolation.

Children who grew up with the knowledge their freedom was taken away from them, the freedom of expression, the freedom of being happy needed to be punished, suppressed, and controlled, those children are extremely sensitive to rejections and criticism, they are resentful and have built up deep in their subconsciousness a lot of shame, guilt, and blame.

Paternal narcissism leaves you with a strong sense of feeling abused and unloved this is why is so important when starting the journey to self-healing to re - parenting your inner self, the inner child of yours by becoming your own person of trust; the healing work includes an important part of getting in touch with your inner child recognize his / her needs and understanding how they need to be explored and expressed, giving yourself te permission to be YOU!

Build boundaries, learn how to say NO, prioritise your needs, learn love instead of fear; by developing positive self -talks you will learn how to appreciate compliments, to accept and believe you are your own accomplishment. Choose YOU and what you NEED.

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