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It Is Discouraging

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I written a couple of blogs: the first one was " When A

Pandemic Changes Our Routine" followed by "Social Distancing V Isolation" both containing references to the Covid -19 how we react to it, how we feel about this new "normal", the pace of life reaching a different tempo, our health, our family and peers, neighbours and extended social network.

At times as such where our own personal world changes so immensely, so rapidly, we are faced to deal with so much stress, anxiety, difficulty and award adjustment all in one go, many of us reach out for support, connects with family and friends others prefer to enter their own personal space, cocooning away from the outer world.

While things have started to open up in some areas, many of us are still on lockdown, it feels that even for those where things are opening up, there is still a fear everything may be taken away from us in an instant, that makes this whole situation even harder...the unknown. It's difficult when our routines are just taken away in an instant, It's hard when you don't know when, or even if, you'll get back to doing the things you love in the ways you used to.

Now let's put this in a different perspective and look at what is ESSENTIAL. We recognise the challenges, the difficulties, the hard times but we can turn them into something that can help us work through them! And not only work through them but see the OPPORTUNITY in our situation. 

Its easy to fall into a stress loop, our minds running AWOL, sleepless nights rampaging through, so let's notice those warnings, those behaviours and take some time to breathe today and focus on relaxing. It's easy right now to let emotions go into overdrive, today take a second to recognise if you feel stress building and consciously give yourself a moment to relax!

Take gentle care of yourself.

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