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Lockdown LIFE

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Spring is finally here, and it marks yet another lockdown when it was announced last March, by now we all have realised that navigating a global pandemic is a demanding task, indeed. The threat of living with an invisible - devastating for many as deadly too - is anxiety inducing, it has ushered us in acute social disconnection and fatigue - all of these are talking a sizeable toll on our mental health. Humans are pack animals and as evolute species we have a necessity for planning ahead with confidence and accuracy as well as performing skill to anticipate danger; we like to be in control this pandemic has wiped out form the driver seat, we feel under duress to process the difficulties that arisen from it, the experiences and the emotions involved.

The burnout is real, is emotionally exhausting! while we are carrying too much for too long a decreased sense of accomplishment the sense of futility that nothing you do it makes any difference, the depletion of empathy, caring and all becomes too much to handle! Those implications can have a gravely effect on our minds and wellbeing; the loneliness, the anxiety, grief, fear, loss of income, health anxiety has become the definition of this pandemic, while continuing to have a monumental impact on our psyche and wellbeing.

It is largely important to remind yourself that how you feel now is valid, all emotions are valid. Try not to repress your thoughts, those emotions self-misguided by "someone is worse off" we are all weathering the same storm, remind yourself that "its OK not feel OK". Everyone has mental health we react differently to it due to environmental factors and genetics.

Daily routine is an important factor that provides safety during these times of stress; to manage a daily routine it provides structure and purpose, it offers "control" and certainty, it allows us to stay afloat when the waters get rough. Be kind to yourself, take time to self care; by shaming yourself for feeling natural emotions it heightens the stress and perpetuates Anxiety; it repeats itself in a vicious cycle of panic and doom, and when you are in the throes of this the sympathetic nervous system kicks in with Fight or Flee responses, this is when you experience palpitation, sweaty hands gut clinches and your breathing accelerate.

To deescalate the Anxiety cycle, try these tips:

* Have a good cry

*Hug someone you live with

*Shake your body vigorously for one minute

* Break into a dance

*Call a close friend

*Write all your worries down

*Practice breathing steps

*Do yoga

*Try meditation

Whenever you can and weather permitting take a walk in the nature, expose to sunlight calibrates our internal clock, start a short morning stroll as daily routine. Most importantly do not shy away from asking for help when you need it, we need support from each other furthermore asking for help is not a failure or a fail or indeed anything to be ashamed of! Reach out, we are here to support you.

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