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Lock Down No Locked Away

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

In the time of Corona Virus social distancing is becoming increasingly strenuous, we are unable to visit friends and families, the physical contact is barred and as human interactions goes its one of those types of communication is much used and needed! we are social creatures and right now many of us are missing it! While we have to currently practice physical distancing, we can still be socially close.

Technology means that we can talk on the phone, message, and video call so that we can see one another, reaching out is now more important than ever. Maintain and cultivate your existing social connections. We can also be creative with our social lives. For example, you might want to set up an online film club, or play online games with your friends, watch a movie on Netflix while connecting on video calling.

Locked down is following the rules to prevent this virus for keep spreading across our community, however, while abiding to social distancing protocols keep reaching out, keep the communication open, ask for help is and when is needed do not "isolate".

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