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Lonely or Alone?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Loneliness has recently reached an almost epidemic level in our society, young people feel increasingly lonely nowadays despite the those social networking tools available for an immediate contact / communication approach, but....will it be just that?! The advent of the internet, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name a few have shaped the way we communicate with one another, at which immediacy and choice of interaction, however, despite the beauty of such a facility my clients reporting a sense of loneliness in their lives, something is missing, they feel melancholic not able to respond to their own immediate needs, while becoming permeate with the feeling of isolation.

We experience loneliness following the end of a long term relationship, or a loss of our loved one by death, we feel the anguish and going through the mourning of such a loss; we also reaching a point of whereby to confront isolation and possible loneliness, and to accept our own finiteness. Loneliness is feeling of being separated, even alienated, and can last for a short stretch or a prolonged period of time. It's important to note that you can feel lonely even when you are around other people.

Risk factors for perceived or actual social isolation include living alone, being unmarried and having few friends, other factors include chronic health conditions and mobility impairments, and there is a stigma attached: admitting to loneliness means that we sometimes struggle silently.

The human being's universal conflict is that one strives to be individual, and yet being an individual requires to endure a frightening isolation, only it doesn't have to be that way! Begin by making an effort to talk to people face to face as opposed through the net of social media and the use of emoji to address one feelings, actually try and express those feeling in person! Our facial muscles, tone of voice and body language are conducive of the way we feel!

Lets break those barriers, let talk to each other interact with one another, grow community, share interests.

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