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Make Yourself a Priority

Updated: Jan 18

Its a difficult choice to make for most of us as fundamentally we all want to be loved and accepted thus we are thriving to accomplish positive relationship, to connect with other human beings and what is the best possible way? To be there for them, to be always available and always say YES to their requests and demands.

Have you considered that by saying YES to everyone else demands you are actually No to your needs?! This process it builds up within our inner self a conflictual sense of feeling guilty, responsible for, ungrateful. Look away now!

Meeting your own needs first is not selfish is paramount to your own inner being, self gratification, safety and happiness. Your physical well being and mental health are the fundamental basis for your self actualisation, to be a fully rounded individual is to meet your inner needs, to have your boundaries respected and only then you can dedicate yourself to others.

As from today make Yourself a Priority!

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