• Monika Bassani

Resting Your Mind Body and Soul

Sleeping or taking a nap between work is not the only method for us to being resting, fact there are 7 types of rest:

* Physical rest - passive, such as sleep & active, such as yoga & stretching

* Mental rest - scheduling in regular downtime throughout the day, to breathe & stretch and put your thoughts down to stop them racing

* Sensory rest - from bright lights, computer, phone

* Creative rest - allowing mind to wander away from the to do list in nature or the arts

* Emotional rest - time to focus on emotions avoiding them, time off from ‘people pleasing’

* Social rest - a need to recover from ‘drain’ relationships & interact with those that light us up

* Spiritual rest - a need to connect with something bigger than yourself - through meditation, community, or prayer

What does rest look like for you today?

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