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Signs of Gaslighting

Updated: Apr 15

Gaslighting is an emotional abuse manoeuvre to make the receiver doubting their own thoughts, actions and to warp them to thinking they are the one to be blamed for the abusive treatment they have received, their perception of reality is distorted. This powerful tool to control another person thoughts and own abilities is often demonstrated in abusive relationships, these to be interpersonal as well as being present within those familial dynamics where parents show narcissistic personality disorder and or treats of Narcissism.

Gaslighting is often used by politicians and influential people to scapegoat certain groups or incite their followers, given the personality of a Gasliter it can be charming and charismatic they can wield a significant influence. Individuals with personality disorder such as Narcissism, Borderline and Sociopath are much likely to engage with this behaviour.

Gaslighting can occur in many different settings and types of relationships, depending on the type below are the main three groups:


Gaslighting can and indeed does occur in the workplace between employees and managers, as well as along colleagues.


Manipulation is a classic in a #toxicrealtionship whereby absence of emotional safety is a prolific ground for the abusive controlling behaviour, where the partner is lied to - despite clear evidence of the contrary - distorting the truth to make them look bad to an outsider.


Its hard to believe but gaslighting is also present in those dynamics, our friends are the bed rock of our lives, loyalty and respect to loved ones is both ingrained as instinctive and held in as importantly in social contests, values and held with respect. A gasliter will use these elements to build a case against you. They may put you under pressure to choose your loyalty to the relationship above your own judgment, perceptions and needs.

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