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Social Distancing V Isolation

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

We are surely leaving in very unusual times! The pandemic aka Covid -19 has taken the whole level of social communication to a rather revolutionary one, it seems at least within the dynamics of social contacts and verbal communication as well as emotional and physical ones.

This is an incredibly difficult time to be alone for many. If you are working from home and practising isolation in order to avoid infection, you are doing the right thing for yourself and the whole community. It is a transformational time, a transactional period of self discovery, personal growth, inner search. Life has reached a slower pace, a tempo that is allowing us to to look after our immediate needs, our health, it also shifting those perspective, the focus is now on ourselves, how to think creatively looking for resourceful thinking what can I do? how can I control what I can and cannot do, also how can you do more to boost your immune system, which is potentially your primary defense against COVID-19 at this time?

Reaching out to a therapist is the way forward to take steps necessary to safeguard your mental health, connecting via videoconferencing, to reduce feelings of isolation, a healthy and secure attachment to a therapist can help you navigate through your anxiety and fear and shed light on how negative beliefs can be undermining your best intentions. Rewiring your brain towards positive thinking can create more buoyant emotions within you, which are protective factors against disease.

Body and mind needs to be regularly taken care of, talk to your therapist, reach out, social distancing does not have to be a complete cut off from the immediate community, do not be alone we all need each other in these times of unprecedented changes.

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