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That Feeling Called ANGER

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

What to do with repressed anger or rage?

If you felt too controlled or were shamed, emotionally or mentally manipulated, shut down, criticized for expressing your true authentic self when you were a child, you may have a lot of repressed anger or rage. Even depression can be a sign of repressed power that shows up through rage and anger when your buttons are pushed or when something reminds you (triggers you) of your past trauma.

If you are troubled with anger - the shot of massive adrenaline in your system - take charge of your life and be proactive. Angry energy can be highly productive or destructive. But you can use it productively to sharpen up your boundaries so that you don’t get mad about being used, manipulated or disrespected. If you are full of envy, don’t complain or destroy the ones you envy, figure out a way of empowering yourself so that you can get your version of what you envy.

Learn to release your repressed anger consciously through breath work, meditation, or simply screaming it out in a safe environment where nobody gets hurt. Remember that releasing your repressed negative emotion will help you purify your energy field which will free you from subconsciously feeling trapped, repressed, depressed or blocked from feeling joy.

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