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The Love Language of Touch

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Human beings thrive on and need physical touch to connect with each other, within a cultural aspect, an intimate approach, a business acknowledgement. Different type of physical contact from a handshake to a full embrace or several pecks on the cheek are types of acknowledgements that vary across the globe, the meaning of it and the symbolism behind it. In times of crisis, we need to feel loved, instinctively we hug one another, the physical touch is a powerful communicator of love.

Appropriate touch brings people together it enhances intimacy among interpersonal relationships, affirms a coworker of your appreciation, friends of your respect and support for them. Recent research has shown that regular hugs lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure, the body release Oxytocin a "feel good" hormone that generates a feeling of cosiness, warmth and trust leaving us healthier and happier in general, and most importantly reducing the effect of stress on our body and mind.

Studies also shows touch signifies trust and soothes, it activates our Vagus nerve within our Parasympathetic system which in turns provoke us to feel compassionate towards our fellow human beings, and animals too! Children benefits enormously during their early years of growth from the sense of touch, from a gentle stroke to a loving embrace these behaviours help to nurture and to develop safe, healthy, and stable future relationships.

The physical touch as an emotional love language has a major effect on human sexuality, it provides a unique opportunity to express love and affection, compassion, care for each other bringing the human interaction to a societal development of feel-good factor.

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