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The Social Brain

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Us humans are social animals, we developed and live in groups, communities, social groups; our developed brains need to be interactive with others in order to process the vast amount of information the external environment is offering. The human infant requires intense caretaking by the adults for a much longer length of time than other animals do. This particular system would ensure bonding between parents and infants, as well as support from other adults in their circle of extended family. Research shows that our need to for other and our social connectedness extends far beyond the parent - child bond. By learning how to communicate our needs, thoughts, feelings with others it expands our survival option.

We need loving, nurturing, safe, intimate environment where to thrive; the brain connecting wiring through interactions with others it expands and continue beyond infancy, indeed it continue throughout out our lives.

We are wired to connect.

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