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The two C's: Compassionate Communication

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

We often make it difficult for our partners to know what we are looking for from them, to get our desires or requests met often we do not address them with disregard of their perspectives and vulnerabilities. In other words, we'll make it as hard as possible for our partners to do what we would like them to do. That feeling of Entitlement often brings elements of Demands, Resentment, Anger, Sarcasm to which none of those initiate any progress let alone facilitate any forms of communication, dynamics are in collusion mode and both partners are feeling frustrated, hurt, alone.

Emotions provide a response system that enables a person behaviour in the interest of security, survival or fulfillment of needs. When vulnerability is expressed, it tends to disarm and pulls for compassion, this powerful change evolves into an engaging of each other emotions and thoughts opening a flow of communication while exploring the individual needs.

Couples that allow reflection trough communication are likely to overcome negative cycle and enters new positive ones, while communicating each other differences and needs, fears of abandonment, distress and unhappiness they both enter a sphere of softening and more accessible responses, the couple raises individual awareness sharing own vulnerability within an environment built on trust and safety. This principle of emotion reciprocity, holds that we are likely to get back the emotions we put out, it changes the process couples interact and their partner interactions to each and own needs.

Communication is the key.

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