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Time to Be Selfish

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

When you are taking up a colleague workload, when you are responding to everyone else needs, when you keep smiling and validate everyone else demands...its not going to end up well! How about your own needs? There is no need to appease to confirm to yourself that you are meeting their standards, by appealing to their attention it won't solve that lingering sense of low will just keep you pushing you into that spiralling of negative thinking, self-criticisms and feeling of sadness, increasing the permanent state of Anxiety.

Its time to change direction! By prioritising the needs of others ad putting people first at ease frequently puts us at disadvantage. No more appeasing, strenuously looking for validation the tide is changing, you are going to set strong boundaries, to learn how to say NO! to pace yourself, quite down while the Anxiety will slowly fade away, at times it might prop up again, only for you to be able to recognise it and manage its warning signs.

Take time for yourself, take a break, value your inner self, your wishes and demands. Practice Self-care, show gratitude to yourself, be kind to your own self, give yourself to yourself, detox your mind and body by being neglectful to your needs you will not be able to be present for those important people in your life, so go ahead Be Selfish, own it you deserve it!

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