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What Happens in Therapy

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I have often been asked from my clients this question: " What do we do in therapy? How do we proceed from here?" The foundation of therapy is Trust, a mutual rapport between the client and the counsellor necessary for the process to take place and progress towards the desired outcomes and aims of the client.

What do we do in therapy is to observe and reflect, while the client develops and evaluate a new authenticity.

The client tolerates disappointments and failures with the support of the counsellor, living emotional connections with the therapist. The therapeutic relationship changes the internal relationship of the individual, their inner view, and those patterns of behaviour, arising self-awareness and personal reflection.

The therapist sometimes is an immediate participant in a very painful situation, by holding the space for the client to express their needs while showing compassion and understanding of the client difficulties and thriving to achieve their aims. The counsellor empathises with their clients in a respectful no judgemental manner, while reflecting their narrative is to foster them onto new challenges and possibilities.

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