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When A Pandemic Changes Our Routine

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The Covid -19 has reached the white cliffs of Dover, even on this island we are not longer immune, the spread of the virus is fast and violent, an invisible enemy it lays in wait and leaps over the weakest and more vulnerable.

Times are changing steadfastly, many people across the world are adapting to a new life style, new habits often finding those changes still uncomfortable perhaps unusual, however not ideal these are the times the world is morphing into. We are all aware of it, new working methods are now taking place, social isolation is highly recommended, schools are closing, large offices in the city are relocating their staff to work from home, might be just days away from a total lock down!

My clients telling me they feel alone, lonely, not yet adjusting to a new routine they are concerned about their loved ones, their elderly parents, how to provide care and support now that is becoming restricted what we used to take for granted such as the freedom to walk about, going to the park, viewing an art gallery, dining out, all those social outdoors interactions, those new friendships, those trips to the seaside.

In the face of such change we can still find a several positive aspects to it: being more connected than ever now on social media, the Internet still allow us to reach out to our local community, ask for help, check upon our friends and neighbours while keeping in touch with family and loved ones.

Online fitness videos free on Youtube can stimulate us to get into an healthy fitness regime, now that time spent at home is going to be prolonged, possibly for quite a long while, providing family entertainment for kids and adults alike, cooking together, learning a new hobby, reading those book that kept piling up on the bed side table.

Couples can find the opportunity to establish healthy routine within their relationship, re discovering intimacy - and I mean not only sexually but also spiritual and emotional, enjoying a romantic dinner at candle light, learning how to communicate again in deep meaningful manner not longer rushed a peck on the doorstep balancing a cup of coffee, while packing away a school lunch.

Times are changing,changes can be unsettling can be unusual but can also be positive and productive, however, should you feel in need to do not hesitate to reach out counselling offers a safe space, confidential and supportive.

How do you make of this changes?

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