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When Anxiety Is Taking The Toll

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Those clients who experience anxiety hold a sensitive perception to awareness of their environment and other people, they also exposed to somatic reaction in the body such as migraines, insomnia, eczema, gastro enteral symptoms; these biological traits are all related to an unacknowledged capacity in the anxious person to perceive environmental influences.

Emotional triggers flares out an anxious episode, this happens when the brain perceives a personal “threat” such as lack of acceptance, attention, be treated fairly, consequentially the emotions are triggered and whole spinning cycle starts all over again.

To begin to understand how to the start of triggers is placed in motion is to be aware of those expectations and those unmet needs; experiences in life has taught you successful achievement it depends on maintaining control, establishing a safe environment and having people around you who appreciate you intellect and thriving aptitude, however, as you become attached to those needs, you learned how to look out for those validations, failure to the appearance of those supportive feedback, and the threats of lacking the ability to have these needs met it leads to an emotional trigger, and Anxiety fits right in, it snuggles its way through you mind and body without you consciously acknowledging it all.

Once you have reached this arousing point we must assess the situation: are you really losing this need or not? Is the person actively denying you need or are you taking the situation too personally? Questioning oneself is a matter of strong discipline and at times can be daunting, to seek therapy is to reach out for professional help of a counsellor, who will guide you supportively through your personal journey of inner understanding and recovery.

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