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When I have Nothing to Talk About

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

As therapist I noticed that sometimes my clients make these type of comment: " Today I came her but I have nothing to talk about it" or " I would not know where to start from" these statements appearing to be at any stage of the individual therapy, sometimes half way through some other times at the beginning or at the end of their journey. From my place of noticing it appear the client is feeling concerned, or just need a little nudge, a gentle initial prompting to allow them to unlock their narrative; the following talks appearing to be about how they have been feeling about themselves, such as depressed, angry, anxious or having difficulties with their partner, but unable share their issue.

As a therapist I am trained to hold my client's space with empathy, to allow time to unravel those internal dialogues, to hold the individual in the knowledge they are heard and validated. Therapy able the inner discovery of many different - often linked layers of our unconscious being, to reach the core of one personal trouble. Sometime silence falls in the room,, this is not necessarily an awkward moment, on the contrary it often is a moment of personal observation that creates a new pathway of thinking, the light bulb moment, the revelation an incisive important step for the client and the contribution to their journey.

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